Celia Judge

Art Philosophy

I believe that the best things in life cannot be told but must experienced. My paintings are a representation of the connected experience of heart and sight, which results in love and vision. My hope is that others have a similar experience with my art. As a painter, I believe it is my calling to create a painting where light explores and exposes the lines, values and colors that create form. This form creates images which call to our sentiments and bring meaning to our lives. I want my audience to enjoy the simple play of light that reveals the complex world of images surrounding us. 

A moment of insight and a sense of wonder create the inexpressible joy of the unity of it all. For me, words cease to be a fit vehicle for expressing this wonder and awe. I want to honor my sentimentality as I believe emotional sensitivity can be an experience shared by all, calling us to unite. Cyclical seasons and images- children on a beach, the wind and the waves, and the light that reflects nature's face touching my sight with beauty and joy- these all give rise to sentiments for me. In honoring the pleasure of everyday images, I want to touch the human in the person, not the critic in the human. 

All of my beliefs have sprung from a force of conviction based on experience; this, to others who have not had the experience, must be accepted on faith. To attempt to recreate one's observations and visions takes courage for, if judged, all attempts will fall short of living form. Yet, when done for recreation and not for judgment, eons of enjoyment will follow. 

Art history has traveled a course where the taste and value of art are confusing. Critics, art historians, curators and the perceived monetary worth judge artistic value and merit today. I believe abstract art is popular now primarily because it is difficult to form a judgment about its value and this gives more power to the opinions of critics and intellectuals in the art world. One cannot compare abstraction to recognizable images of life, silencing the public's views as well as their sentiments for the world. Yet all images fall short of reality, even abstract images.

I want to bring honor and enjoyment to the re-creation of sentiment. My purpose is to touch that place in us that has been long forgotten and overruled by the reasoning and bargaining of intellect and ego.

- Celia Judge

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